May 17, 2017
Jennifer Jimbere
Coaching and Consulting

When reading this, just remember Jennifer is talking and interacting for about a half hour instead of the half day she would normally do.

The way Jennifer normally presents this: is a half-day self-reflected learning, experiential based workshop with peers. The workshop provides you with cutting edge techniques and competencies to increase your ability to adopt a positive approach. Based on hundreds of hours studying in the Field of Positive Psychology, I bring to you tips to help you infuse happiness into your daily life. Will need to be customized to reduce content and outcomes based on time limit provided and areas of interest.

~ Infusing Happiness Into Daily Life provides a great solution for:

• Shifting into positive thinking  • Re-wiring the brain to look out for the good  • Identifying your top character strengths  • Increasing your ability to attract positive events and relationships 

As a result of attending the workshop participants will gain the information they need and learn how to: Embrace that all people are creative, capable, wise and good Identify when they need to shift their thinking   Implement proven research based applications from the science of well-being

Each participant will walk away with new self-awareness and strategies to support their ability to adopt a positive approach. 


With over 13 certifications and 17 years in learning and development,

Jennifer helps people move forward with lasting change, build their

competitive edge, and live their best life now.

Jennifer Jimbere B.A., CPC, CMP, CLC, HRM President of Jimbere
Coaching and Consulting Your Partner in Possibility Certified
Professional Coach, Change Management & an Advocate for the Science of Well-Being.

Co-Founder of the Radical Joy Seeking Women's Club.
International Best Selling Co-Author of Dream Boldly I Dare You
Inspiring individuals, teams and organizations to unleash strengths and maximize performance.

Twitter: @jenniferjimbere